This page includes a list of Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers in America with their affiliations and interests.

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Mingon Kang (강민곤)

Kyu Hyung Lee (이규형)

Karl Kyeongan Kwon (권경안)

Chul Sung (성철)

Joonseok Lee (이준석)

Donghoon Kim (김동훈)

Hyo-Joo Han (한효주)

Junggab Son (손정갑)

Sungchul Lee (이성철)

  • Grand Valley State University

Yonghwi Kwon (권용휘)

  • University of Virginia

Jeho Park (박제호)

Seon Ho Kim (김선호)

  • University of Southern California

Hanhee Song (송한희)

Eunjee Song (송은지)

Jaerock Kwon (권재락)

Daeyoung Kim (김대영)