KOCSEA (Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America) proudly hosts a monthly KOCSEA Seminar Series, KSS in virtual.

Since 2006, KOCSEA has hosted an annual technical symposium, KTS. The annual KTS has been very successful in the past years by providing opportunities to the participants in sharing their knowledge and information and promoting excellent networking among the Korean computer science community in the US.


Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America

The Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America (KOCSEA), founded in 1983, is a not-for-profit organization of Korean American computer scientists and engineers in the United States. The purpose of KOCSEA is to: “promote communication, information exchange, and cooperation among its members and to provide opportunities for them to make contributions to computer-related fields in Korea and U.S.”

As of 2021, KOCSEA has about 800 members and patrons, including academicians and practitioners, as well as post-graduate students and younger generation undergraduate students. In addition, there are honorary and institutional members.

KOCSEA organizes a symposium gathering over 100 members in the U.S. and South Korea every year since 2006. Through the annual symposium, members from academia and industry meet and share their research and development projects in various fields in computer and IT. Topics include not only the advancement of traditional computer science and engineering fields but also cutting-edge technology trends such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, data science, health-care, etc.


Latest KOCSEA Tech Symposium (KTS)

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