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Congratulatory Remarks


Dear KOCSEA colleagues,

Congratulations on the 11th KOCSEA Technical Symposium and welcome to KSEA HQ where we host this year's KOCSEA Symposium.

Dr. Yoohwan Kim, Symposium Chair has organized an outstanding program featuring the best and highest in the field of Computer Science and Technology within the KOCSEA community; especially, the Program Committee have pulled together an outstanding program featuring keynote speakers of Preston Marshall (USC ISI), Matthew Klenk (Naval Research Laboratory), and Mona Kessel (NASA).

KOCSEA has been a very successful professional society affiliated with KSEA and its Technical Symposium been continuously growing in both the quality and participants. Starting with the KSEA 39th Administration, we have been trying to establish Strategic Alliance with and made our commitments to support the Affiliated Professional Societies (APS). KOCSEA was known as the one of the best example that should be emulated by other Affiliated Professional Societies.

I have been witnessed that the KOCSEA leadership exemplifies the true spirit of this organization. I hope that KOCSEA continues to fulfill its goals and flourishes in the years ahead. I am very confident that it will do, as we all see the enthusiasm by the past, current and next KOCSEA presidents.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to President Yoonsuck Choe and the Symposium organizing committee for their time and effort.

On behalf of all the KSEA 39th EC/DC members, I am very glad to support this KOCSEA Annual Technical Symposium. Congratulate on the successful meeting.

Thank you!

Jae Hoon Kim, Ph.D.

39th President of KSEA




Dear KOCSEA members, Distinguished Scholars, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to greet you on the occasion of 2010 KOCSEA Technical Symposium and to send my sincere congratulations and best wishes to all participants. In particular, I would like to acknowledge Prof. Y oohwan Kim and the organizing committee members for their tremendous time and efforts in organizing this symposium. I am honored to have all members and participants to come to KUSCO for the symposium.

Ever since KOCSEA was established in 1983, it has grown rapidly under the enlightened leadership of the current and past presidents as well as with the strong support and cooperation of KOCSEA members. KOCSEA members have contributed much for the advancement of computer science and information technology, both in the U.S.A. and in Korea.

I am sure that the KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2010 will set another milestone in the development of KOCSEA and collaboration with Korea. And it is an ideal platform for discussion of collaborative strategies and for networking. Although the main purpose of a symposium is to share their new ideas and research accomplishments among the participants, it is also important to build new networks and explore future collaboration. As we all know, human networking is very important in this globalized world.

Before I end I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to KOCSEA members for organizing a special session at KUSCO. Congratulations once again and best wishes for a successful and fruitful symposium.

Sincerely Yours,

Jong-Deok Kim, Ph.D.

Director, Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO)



Dear KOCSEA colleagues and symposium participants,

I am deeply honored to congratulate you on the 11th KOSCEA technical symposium.

It has been four years since the KOCSEA symposium was reincarnated in 2006, thanks to the tremendous efforts and dedication of many KOCSEA leaders, sponsors, and contributors. Most certainly, it was not easy to restart this key event after 10 years of dormancy. However, building a great tradition by reiterating success every year is hundred times harder and thousand times more important.

As a former president who revitalized this symposium in the U.S., I really appreciate the sleepless nights and sweat by the organizers to prepare this meeting with a strong technical program in a comfortable venue near Washington D.C. I am also grateful for all of the participants. I believe the synergy created by participating scholars and practitioners will accelerate the prosperity of KOCSEA and its impact on the advancement of computer science and IT technologies in Korea and the U.S.

All the best!

Kyung Dong Ryu, Ph.D.

Former President of KOCSEA 2005-2006.



Korean Computer Scientist and Engineers Association in America  재미 한인 정보 과학자 협회