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Message from the KOCSEA President


Dear KOCSEA members,

Because of the significant support from KUSCO and the dedication of KOCSEA senior members, KOCSEA was able to organize a nationwide technical symposium in 2006. Ever since KOCSEA started the annual technical symposium, the KOCSEA Technical Symposium showed continuous growth in the quality and the number of participants year after year. The symposium provided unique opportunities for Korean computer scientists and engineers in America in the various stages of their carriers. Some obvious benefits of the symposium are 1) KOCSEA members can meet each others, 2) they can present their recent research, form new collaborations, and identify future research and funding 3) the participants build and maintain strong connections.

It is to my understanding that the major enabler of this great tradition is the enthusiasm of participants. This year, the planning of the symposium was delayed because of financial uncertainties. Many senior members inquired about the symposium schedule prior to the invitation, and they offered help. I deeply appreciate all of the previous/current participants for valuing the symposium and being willing to adjust their busy schedules to accommodate for their participation in the KOCSEA annual symposium.

Because of the nature of nationwide symposium, funding is always the major hurdle that KOCSEA staffs and the organizing committee have to overcome prior to planning the symposium. Because of the strong support from KUSCO, KSEA and Applied Research in Telcordia technologies, and Prof. Chung, Moon Jungís family, it was possible for us to continue this excellent event despite this economic downturn. I would like to express my special thank to Dr. Rhie, Jong Hyun and his staff for the continuing support from KUSCO and to the Chung Family for the Scholarship. Even though KTís support was not realized this year, I deeply appreciate Dr. Choi, DooWhan for his strong support.

The last, but not the least enabler of the symposium is the contributions and dedication of the KOCSEA staff and organizing committee.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizing committee members who devoted their time to prepare this wonderful and meaningful event.

KOCSEA is now energized by the excellent participation of well-established professionals in the area of computer science and information technologies.

We have a full line-up of leadership and great staff members to continue the growth. I hope many of you participate in the upcoming symposium and the KOCSEA business to maintain and enhance the strength of KOCSEA.

I am very happy and thankful to be part of the continuing KOCSEA annual symposium.

Thank you everyone.

Taek Jin Kwon,

President of KOCSEA



Message from the General Chair


Dear colleagues,

We would like to welcome you all to the KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2009. Without your interest, participation, and contribution, this would not have been possible.

KOCSEA is an open organization, and we strive to broaden our base so that the benefits of our society can extend to as many as possible. Furthermore, we are working hard to continue the vision of the KOCSEA founders, to facilitate productive collaboration among members, and to meet the end-goal of advancing the field of computer science and related fields in Korea and US. This annual symposium is a unique opportunity for us to achieve these goals, and we thank you all for contributing to this effort.

We are really excited about the final program of the KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2009, which is truly a diverse program. We have top researchers from the academia and the industry, from Korea and from the US, senior and junior, and from both genders. Also, the technical content includes cutting-edge research with a diverse range of topics, so that sitting through just 1.5 days of presentation would be enough to refresh your current perspective on the field of Computer Science and Engineering as a whole. Of course your interaction is important and your active involvement would make the already excellent program even more valuable.

Finally, we would like to appreciate the pioneering minds of KOCSEA founders who laid the foundation of our organization, and the more recent contributions from the younger generation in revitalizing the organization. The current KOCSEA officers, under the untiring leadership of Dr. Taek Jin Kwon, also deserve much credit. Thanks are also due to University of Nevada, Las Vegas for providing the venue for our meeting. Last, but not least, we would like to thank the co-organizers (and also sponsors) KUSCO and KSEA; sponsors Telcordia, ETRI, and Samsung; and the generous scholarship contribution from the Dr. Moon Jung Chung family.

We hope you enjoy the program, and hope to see you again and again in the coming years.

Yours sincerely,

Yoonsuck Choe

General Chair, KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2009

Vice President, KOCSEA


Korean Computer Scientist and Engineers Association in America  재미 한인 정보 과학자 협회