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Congratulatory Remarks


Dear KOCSEA colleagues,

Congratulations and best wishes for another successful gathering of KOCSEA. I wish I could be there in person.

Ever since Dr. Chan Mo Park and Dr. Kane Kim gave birth to this organization, and nurtured it with continued leadership and dedication, we have become a truly useful professional organization. We had a renaissance of sorts when we started this series of continuous annual gathering with the leadership of Drs. Kang Won Lee and Kyung Dong Ryu several years ago.

We are honored to have the keynote address from no other than Dr. Chan Mo Park himself at this gathering. He sets a highest possible role model for all the KOCSEA members in his depth of dedication and breath and height of accomplishments.

We also note that there are many senior members among us who are not only world class technical leaders, but also have taught courses, given many talks in Korean universities, or joined or done joint work with Korean academia and industry. They exemplify the true spirit of this organization and I am happy to see more of these activities in recent years.

I hope that KOCSEA continues to fulfill its goals and flourishes in the years ahead. I am certain that it will, because I can see the enthusiasm of the recent, current and upcoming presidents and staff.


Have a wonderful time and go home with a sense of renewed pride of being a KOCSEA member.

Sincerely yours,

Se June Hong




Dear KOCSEA friends,

I am very pleased to see another clear sign of the health of KOCSEA. This Las Vegas meeting continues and strengthens the recent tradition set in KOCSEA for having a nice high-quality workshop.  This healthy situation is a manifestation of the diligent leadership demonstrated by recent presidents, officers, and advisors of KOCSEA.  In particular, the contributions of Dr. Se June Hong and other IBMers should not be forgotten. 

A particularly nice feature of this meeting is that Dr. Chan-Mo Park, the current president of NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea), can participate as a keynote speaker.  When Dr. Park and I started soliciting agreements from various charter member candidates in 1982, the situation in computer science and engineering (CSE) was quite different from today.  CSE was a new field receiving special treatment, particularly in Korea.  Now, 27 years after that, CSE is in a drastically different situation.  The current situation is quite difficult for talented young-generation researchers.  I personally feel that the situation is worse than what the field of CSE truly deserves.  That means that somewhere along the line during these 27 years, the older-generation people in CSE have not acted wisely or responsibly.  I feel that it is the God's fairness to send Dr. Chan-Mo Park to the office of the president of NRF and to a KOCSEA workshop at a time like this when a thoughtful reflection of the past and the foresighted vision toward the future are badly needed. 

The wisdom of the current KOCSEA leadership for selecting Las Vegas as the workshop location at an opportune time should be lauded.  Maximal pleasure that the participants would get out of the workshop has been ensured by their wisdom.  I wish all participants a wonderful and prosperous 2010 which will bring about further strengthening of KOCSEA !

Kwang-Hae (Kane)  Kim

University of California, Irvine (UCI)



Korean Computer Scientist and Engineers Association in America  재미 한인 정보 과학자 협회