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The 9th KOCSEA Technical Symposium


The KOrean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America (KOCSEA), founded in 1983, is a non-profit organization of Korean and Korean American computer scientists and engineers in North America. The basic goal of KOCSEA is to "promote communication, information exchange and cooperation among its members and to provide opportunities for them to make contributions to computer-related fields in Korea and U.S." Currently KOCSEA has hundreds of members and patrons in the academia and in the industry, who are the leading researchers and practitioners in the Computer Science and Engineering, and the Information Science fields.


It is our pleasure to invite you to the 9th KOCSEA (Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America) Technical Symposium, to be held at the KUSCO (Korea-US Science Cooperation Center) building, Vienna, VA from October 25th to 26th, 2008. The symposium is co-organized by KOCSEA and KUSCO, and sponsored by KUSCO, KT Corporation, and KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association).


This symposium is a continuation of the joint workshops with KISS (Korean Information Science Society) initiated during 1990 – 1995 (held in Korea). These workshops have contributed in culturing collaborations between the researchers in US and Korea. Most recently, the 7th and the 8th KOCSEA Technical Symposium were held at the Arizona State University and the University of Southern California, respectively.  The events from the last two KOCSEA symposiums contributed a lot in nurturing collaborative relations among leading IT industries and research labs in both Korea and US and presenting opportunities for joint research and exchange of scholarly ideas. In addition to the research talks, we discussed potential approaches to promote cooperation among US and Korean researchers in different regions and venues for information exchange.


The planned one-and-half day workshop consists of invited talks by outstanding researchers and professors in various fields in IT, as well as panel sessions that will discuss the cooperation issues and solutions. Based on our success of the last two workshops, we hope to further increase the opportunities for meaningful research collaborations between academicians and professionals in US and Korea in the field of Computer and Information Science though this workshop.  In particular, this year we will promote more participation of researchers in Washington DC area.


Your participation is particularly important, as one of our goals is to culture collaborations between the researchers in US and Korea. Also, the event will provide an opportunity for your group to share your latest technological advances and experiences, and to interact with senior and junior members from the academia and other industrial partners.


So, hereby we cordially invite you and others from your group to the technical symposium.


Sincerely yours,



Jihie Kim, Ph.D.

President of KOCSEA




* 11/5 - Symposium08 photos are available.

* 11/3 - Some presentation slides are available on "Program".

* 10/22 - Shuttle Information

Saturday, Oct. 25

- 8:00am : from hotel to KUSCO (meet in the lobby at 7:50am)

- 7:15pm: from KUSCO to Woo Lae Oak

- 9:30pm: from Woo Lae Oak to Hotel

Sunday, Oct. 26

- 8:00am: from hotel to KUSCO (meet in the lobby at 7:50am)

* 10/21 - The full program is posted.

* 10/21 - Information for Presenters

Talk presenters:

- Each talk is given 20 min. Please prepare a 15 minute talk so that you have time for a few questions. Please keep the time since we have a tight schedule.

- Send powerpoint slides to Byung Choi   (bkchoi@mtu.edu) and arrive at least 20

    min before the session starts.

Poster presenters:

- poster board size : 4ft x 3ft

- Setup posters during breakfast, breaks or lunch on 12/25 (Sat). The earlier the  better. Other people can look at your   posters during breaks.

* 10/20 - KUSCO has a large surface parking space and parking is free. For more local info., please click "Location & Hotel" tab.

* 10/17 - Posted the list of talk abstracts.

* 10/14 - Updated is the symposium program with the poster list.

* 10/13 - Hotel information:

  - Individual hotel registration is NOT    necessary. 

  - Hotel parking is free.

  - The hotel provides transportation  between hotel and KUSCO building.

  - For more info., please click "Location & Hotel" tab.

* 10/9 - Updated is the symposium program.

* 10/6 - Congratulations to the recipients of the 2008 KOCSEA/Moon Jung Chung Scholarship/Poster Competition. The recipient list is available.

* 10/6 - Congratulatory remarks by Prof. Chan-Mo Park is posted.

* 10/4 - Be a Raffle winner of Samsung 40" Flat HD TV by RSVP to the symposium with your resume. Click "RSVP and Raffle". The deadline is 10/20.

* 9/30 - Student Invitation Announcement with the raffle information (a pdf version).

* 9/26 - Student RSVP Deadline: Oct. 20, 2008. To do it, click the "RSVP and Raffle" tab.

* 9/19 - Shuttle reservation: http://www.supershuttle.com/. The cost from the Dulles airport to the KUSCO is $25 one way for the first guest and $10 for additional guests. For carpooling, send your itinerary to Prof. Yoohwan Kim, yoohwan@cs.unlv.edu.

* 9/17 - The symposium program is released.

* 9/15 - RSVP page is available. To access it, click the "RSVP and Raffle" tab. 

* 9/4 - Airport Information: KUSCO recommended the Dulles airport instead of Ronald Reagan Nat'l Airport since traffic from the Reagan airport is not very good.

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