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Congratulatory Remarks


Message from Dr. Chan-Mo Park, President, POSTECH


Dear President Ryu and Members of KOCSEA, Distinguished Scholars, Ladies and Gentlemen!


It is a great honor and pleasure for me to present this congratulatory remark on the occasion of KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2006. Although I regret very much that I am unable to attend the symposium in person my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes are with the symposium and those who are participating. Also, it is my sincere hope that this symposium will set a corner stone for further development of KOCSEA so that KOCSEA will organize an international conference in near future.


As you all know we live in an era of globalization. Although there are political borders among the nations, there are no national borders in science & technology. We, the scientists & engineers should strive together to promote advances in science & technology for the betterment of human beings in the world. To achieve this goal it is very important to have international collaborations.


Congratulations once again and best wishes for a successful and fruitful symposium.


Sincerely Yours,


Chan-Mo Park

President, POSTECH

Pohang, Korea


Message from Symposium Chair


Dr. Kyung Dong Ryu’s Message 


Dear Symposium Participants, Speakers, KOCSEA Members, and Friends:


Welcome to the KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2006 in Tempe, located in the heart of the beautiful Grand Canyon State.


It is my great honor to organize this major event for Korean computer scientists, engineers, and researchers in US. Although we had a joint workshop in the past with KISS (Korean  Information Science Society) during 1990 – 1995, all hosted in Korea, this is the first time to have the symposium in US, in this scale, with this much enthusiasm. I believe this event will increase the momentum of KOCSEA activities.


This symposium invites about 30 prominent CSE researchers as speakers and panelists from all over the US and Korea. They will present the state-of-the-art in various fields of computer science (5 technical sessions) and discuss important issues to foster professional collaborations among KOCSEA members and opportunities for joint research between US and Korea (2 panel sessions). Therefore, I believe, this symposium will certainly go far beyond networking among members, to creating real opportunities for joint research and exchange of scholarly ideas, among leading IT industries and research labs in both the countries.


Looking forward, KOCSEA is planning to reach out further to its members. One of first such efforts is the establishment of a scholarship in memory of late Prof. Moon-Jung Chung. This will be awarded to selected student members annually, starting this year.  


Creating this long-awaited symposium required tremendous efforts from many people. Our technical program co-chairs, Dr. Kang-Won Lee and Prof. Lawrence Chung, put enormous amount of time and energy to set up the high quality program. The advisory co-chairs, Dr. Se June Hong and Prof. Kane Kim, were the main contributors in bringing high profile speakers. Dr. Jong-Deok Choi and Prof. Sang Hyuk Son, as panel co-chairs, organized the panel sessions that are of great interest to the symposium particpants. Our local arrangement co-chairs, Prof. Joohyung Lee and Prof. Bongki Moon, worked hard to host this symposium in this wonderful venue. The hard work of other organizing members were also critical to make this event possible. I am grateful to KUSCO, the symposium co-organizer, who also funded this symposium. I also appreciate the support from the symposium sponsors, KSEA and Samsung Electronics.


I hope you all enjoy the KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2006 and will attend for years to come.


Your participation is what makes all of this happen.


KOCSEA Technical Symposium 2006 General Chair

Kyung Dong Ryu, Ph.D.

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY, USA



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